Welcome to my Family History pages. More than 40 years of research and lots of help from numerous family and friends near and far, have helped me in this project. My ancestors came from Ireland, England and Scotland. Some came free, some did not. All came to Australia in search of a new life, and settled mainly in New South Wales, although some branches made their way to all of the mainland states. At some point, most of my immediate ancestors ended up in or around the Goulburn district.

My first confirmed ancestor to arrive in the colony was James Byrne in 1801, and the last was John Mooney and his children in 1857.

For information on one of my family names, please click on the appropriate name to be taken to the story. More stories will be written and added over the following months (years). Please come back again to see what's been added or updated.

I hope you will benefit from the information I present here. If you come across any errors, please let me know, likewise if you can add to any of the information on these pages, or require further information, please contact me on the email address below.