Elliotts of Nottingham

The first of our Elliotts that I have been able to find is Edward Elliott. Edward was tried and convicted at Nottingham Borough Quarter Sessions April 1837 with William Thoresby of stealing a thermometer valued at 5 shillings, the goods of Henry Scorer. Each defendant pleaded not guilty, each was found guilty and sentenced to 12 months hard labour in House of Correction.

Edward was subsequently tried and found guilty of house breaking (refer Nottingham Journal 3 Jan 1840). He was sentenced to 10 years, and transported to Australia on the "Eden" in 1840.

Edward's description from his indent papers was:

Religion: Protestant
Trade or calling: Labourer
Height: 5ft 4 1/2 inches
Complexion: Sallow and much pockpitted
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel grey
Particular marks or scars: Eyebrows partially meeting, blue (? word illegible - possibly scar) on outer corner of left, raised mole on right side of neck, E inside lower left arm.

It appears that at some point after his arrival, Edward was sent to Port Phillip (Melbourne Victoria), as there are letters to the Colonial Secretary in 1844 about a group of convicts (including Edward) being suspected of being involved in theft, and being returned to Cockatoo Island in Sydney.

Edward was granted 2 Tickets of Leave in 1851, the first for the Goulburn district which was subsequently cancelled, and the second for the Maitland district. He married Jemima Austin in Maitland NSW on 26 December 1852. Edward and Jemima had a total of fourteen children, most of whom died as children. At this stage, I have only found two children who reached adulthood, Thomas (my Gt Grandfather) and Elizabeth Hannah. Other children included Edith Grace (1853 - ?), Abigail (1856 - 1857), Jemima Mary (1858 - 1858), William Edward (1859 - 1862), Martha (1861 - ?) and Samuel (1865 - ?). Names and birth details of the other six children are still to be found. As their births do not appear to have been registered, finding information may be difficult.

Edward was the informant on Elizabeth Elliott's birth certificate in 1872. At this time I have been unable to find any information on him after this date. His wife, Jemima, remarried at Coonabarabran NSW, in 1873, stating that she was a widow. I have not been able to find and confirm any record of his death, during this time, or at a later date. An Edward Elliott died in 1899 in the Albury district. Some of the details on his death certificate tie in with the details of our Edward Elliott, however I have not been able to confirm that they are the same person.

Edward and Jemima's son, Thomas, married Elizabeth Fitzpatrick in Syndey in 1910. No record of the births of any of their children have been found. Thomas and Elizabeth had six children, only one of whom, Roy, died in childhood. The other children were Maude, Dorothy, Ivy, Bertha and Arthur.

Edward and Jemima's daughter, Elizabeth, married John Thomas in Nyngan on 16 January 1893. Elizabeth and John had ten children. Elizabeth died at Ashfield in 1953.

An Edward Elliott was christened at St Mary's Nottingham on 25 November 1816. His parents were Samuel Elliott and Elizabeth Sandy. I have not been able to prove beyond a doubt that this is the Edward Elliott who came out on the Eden, and married Jemima Austin. Family naming patterns would suggest that they may be one and the same, however further research is required.