Franklin Family - From Ireland to England to Australia

Sarah Franklin was born in County Clare on 17 April 1787. Her family subsequently moved to Lancaster in England in 1803. Legend has it that she threw a ladle of hot gruel over a soldier who was molesting and threatening her mother and herself. The soldier returned whilst Sarah's mother was feeding her 6 month old son. In revenge, he allegedly drew his sword and decapitated the baby. The soldier was executed for his crime, however Sarah was threatened by friends of the soldier, so the family moved to Lancaster where they had family. Sarah's father was George Franklin.1

According to the Lancaster Gaol Delivery notice of 10 September 1810, Sarah Franklington (different spelling is this significant?) was originally convicted, along with a James Robinson, for stealing a cow. Both were sentenced to be hanged. Sarah was reprieved, and after spending 18 months in Lancaster Gaol, was transported for 7 years to New South Wales on the "Minstrel". On the Transportation Order, Sarah is listed as having a child with her when she was transferred from the gaol. Nothing more is known of the child at this time.

Sarah married James Byrne on 28 December 1812. James was an Irish rebel who had arrived in NSW in 1801. After their marriage, Sarah and James variously lived at Appin, The Rocks and Lake George. Nine children were born to the marriage, all of whom reached adulthood. For more details about James and Sarah's family, please have a look at The Byrne Family of Appin and Lake George (via Wicklow).

In "The Catholics of New South Wales 1788-1820 & Their Families", the author states that Sarah was recorded with James Byrne before 1820, but that in 1822 she was Mrs F Goldsmith. I have looked at the 1822 General Muster, Sarah is listed as the wife of J Byrne Appin.2

When the family moved to Lake George, their situation appears to have been not so good. Sarah would travel to Goulburn to sell her produce, in order to pay their rent. As James had been allotted 40 acres at Appin, WHAT WENT WRONG?????

Sarah died at Lake George. She was buried at Ryansvale Cemetery on 17 April 1853 3.

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