Mary Salmon - Name Analysis

Mary Salmon has certainly been an interesting person to trace, it has taken many years to sort through the fact from the fiction. Part of the problem in finding details about Mary has been trying to determine what her maiden name actually was. And the addition of "Jemima" to her name certainly didn't help.

According to her death certificate, her father's name was Alfred Austin. This appears to be one of the many "stories" that have been perpetuated about Mary. Her death certificate also states that she spent some time in Queensland and Tasmania. Whilst I have found evidence of her being in Queensland (her daughter Lillian was born there about 1869), I have not found any evidence of her having lived in Tasmania.

Mary's maiden name provided on the birth certificates of her Elliott children was variations on Salmon/Solomon/Sillilome. Her maiden name on the birth certificates of her Watson children was Austin. This appeared to be supported by Thomas Elliott's death certificate, on which Mary's maiden name was given as Mary Jemima Austin Salamay. Evidence has now been found that when Mary married Jonathan, Edward Elliott was still alive. It appears that Mary may have changed some details about her past when she married Jonathan, to hide the fact that she was still legally married. Mary was the informant on Jonathan Watson's death certificate, she gave her maiden name as Salmone. The table below details analysis of Mary's names.

Date Source Name Provided Birth Place Age Informant
1836 Baptism certificate - Mary Salmon Mary Salmon Dublin Ireland 0 Parish Priest
1843 Workhouse entry papers Mary Salmon Dublin Ireland 8 Rose Salmon
1848 Workhouse entry papers Mary Salmon Dublin Ireland 13 Mary Salmon
1850 Shipping papers Mary Salmon Dublin Ireland 14 Mary Salmon
1851 NSW Enquiry Mary Salmon Not given -
1852 Court case Mary Salmon Not given - Mary Salmon
1856 Birth certificate - Abigail Elliott Mary Jemima Sililomon Yorkshire England 22 Edward Elliott
1858 Birth certificate - Jemima Mary Elliott Jemima Mary Selman Yorkshire England 23 Frederick Ferrier - Shopkeeper
1859 Birth certificate - William Edward Elliott Jemima Simman Leeds England 25 Edward Elliott
1861 Birth certificate - Martha Elliott Jemima Mary Salomone Dublin Ireland 27 Jemima Elliott
1865 Birth certificate - Samuel Elliott Jemima Selemone Dublin Ireland 32 Jemima Elliott
1868 Birth certificate - Thomas Elliott Jemima Sillilome Dublin Ireland 37 Jemima Elliott
1872 Birth certificate - Elizabeth Hannah Elliott Jemima Mary Solomon Ireland 42 Edward Elliott
1873 Marriage certificate - Jemima Elliott Maiden name not given Not given - Jemima Elliott
1874 Birth certificate - Francis Jonathan Watson Jemima Austin England 44 Jemima Watson
1877 Birth certificate - Robert Watson Jemima Austin London 46 Jonathan Watson
1879 Birth certificate - Arthur Richard Watson Jemima Mary Austin London 49 Jonathan Watson
1893 Marriage certificate - Elizabeth Hannah Elliott Not given Not given - Elizabeth Elliott
1896 Marriage certificate - Lillian Lavnia Elliott Mary Austin Not given - Lillian Elliott
1900 Death certificate - Jonathan Watson Mary Jemima Salmone Not given - Mary Watson
1904 Death certificate - Jemima Mary Watson Jemima Austin Not known 75 Francis Jonathan Watson
1906 Marriage certificate - Robert Watson Jemima Mary Watson Not given - Robert Watson
1907 Marriage certificate - Arthur Roland Rodric Watson Jemima Mary Austin Not given - Arthur Watson
1907 Marriage certificate - Francis Jonathan Watson Jemima Mary Austin Not given - Francis Watson
1910 Marriage certificate - Thomas Walter Elliott Jemima Austin Not given - Thomas Elliott
1936 Death certificate - Robert Watson Jemima Mary Austin Not given - Arthur Roland Watson (brother)
1938 Death certificate - Arthur Richard Watson Jemima Mary Austin Not given - F J Watson (brother)
1944 Death certificate - Francis Jonathan Watson Unknown Not given - Irene Le Earl (sister-in-law)
1944 Death certificate - Thomas Elliott Jemima Mary Austin Salamay Not given - Robert McEnallay
1953 Death certificate - Elizabeth Thomas Jemima Mary Solmon Not given - John Thomas
1953 Death certificate - Lillian Lavinia Brooke Not known Not known - Herbert Brooke