Tierney Family

Our earliest Tierney ancestor I have found is Peter Tierney. Peter married Catherine O'Brien on 14 February 1846 in Lackagh, Galway. Children of this marriage were:

  • Bridget Tierney (1848-1878) married Thomas Burke;
  • Sarah Jane Tierney (1851-1895) married Patrick Mooney;
  • Mary Tierney (1852-?);
  • John Tierney (1857-1931) married Sarah Corcoran

Further research is required to determine if there were any more children, and when Peter and Catherine died. The marriage notice for Sarah Jane states that she was the third daughter of Peter Tierney, so there was at least one more daughter born before 1851.

Bridget Tierney (1848-1878)

Bridget Tierney was born about 1848 in Galway. She married John T Burke on 4 May 1865 at Tuam. Children of the marriage were:

  • Thomas Burke (1866 - ?);
  • Peter Burke (1868 - ?);
  • John Burke (1870 - 1956) married Delia Costello;
  • Bridget Burke (1872 - ?);
  • Martin Emmet Burke (1874 - 1945) married Anna Lynch

Bridget died in Brackloon, Galway in 1918.

Sarah Jane Tierney (1851 - 1895) Sarah Jane Mooney(nee Tierney)

Sarah Jane Mooney (nee Tierney)

Sarah Jane Tierney was baptised at Donaghpatrick, County Galway, on 10 February 1851. Sponsors were Michael Tierney and Bridget Flynn.

Sarah migrated to Australia sometime in the 1870s, possible shortly before her marriage to Patrick Mooney. The marriage notice for Patrick and Sarah Jane states that Sarah Jane was the third daughter of Peter Tierney. Details of her family with Patrick can found here.

Sarah Jane died at the Cooma Hotel in Goulburn on 14 August 1895. This was located on the corner of Mundy Street and Braidwood Road. She died eight days after giving birth to her daughter Sarah. Her cause of death is given as an attack of apoplexy. She is buried at St Patrick's Cemetery with her daughter Kate and son-in-law Robert Gordon. Her death notice stated that she was the only member of her family who had migrated to Australia.

Mary Tierney (1852 - ?)

Mary Tierney was baptised at Donaghpatrick, County Galway, on 20 June 1852. Sponsors were Pat Tierney and Mary Lawless.

Nothing more is known about Mary at this time.

John Tierney (1857 - 1931)

John Tierney was born in Galway about 1857. He married Sarah Corcoran about 1883. Children of this marriage were:

  • Peter Tierney (1884 - ?);
  • Maggie Tierney (1886 - ?);
  • Bridget Mary Tierney (1888 - ?);
  • Michael Patrick Tierney (1891 - ?);
  • Norah Tierney (1891 - ?);
  • Patrick Tierney )1894 - ?);
  • John Joseph Tierney (1897 - 1969) married Nellie Costello