Howard Family

Our Howard family commences with Robert Howard, who lived in Dungannon, County Tyrone. Robert was married to Sarah (Sally) Morrison. From shipping records for their children, Robert's occupation was a Stone Cutter and a Shopkeeper. Both Robert and Sarah appear to have been still alive when their som. Robert, travelled to NSW. At this time, no further details about their births, marriage and deaths have been found.

Known children of this marriage were:

  • Robert Howard (Abt 1811-1861) married Catherine Piggott
  • William Howard (Abt 1813 - 1859) married 1. Mary Jamieson, 2. St Clarence Brown
  • Elizabeth Howard (Abt 1814-1905) married Robert Young.

Robert Howard (Abt 1811 - 1861)

From Robert's shipping papers, Robert was born about June 1811 in Dungannon, County Tyrone. Robert arrived on 10 March 1839, on board the "Susan". His occupation was listed as Stone Cutter, his religion was listed as Protestant and he could read and write.

Robert married Catherine Piggott in Sydney on 13 January 1840 according to the Rites of the Church of England. Catherine was the daughter of Mary Howard (formerly Brown, formerly Piggot, nee Jamison). Please see below for more details about Mary and her family.

There is a Robert Howard listed on the 1841 Census, living at South Head Road Alexandria, and there were 5 people living in the residence. Whether this was the same Robert is still to be confirmed. Of interest though, the witnesses to Robert's wedding in 1840, John McCullagh and Andrew Kean, both lived at South Head Road. By 1853, Robert was a farmer living in Jamberoo, when a notice of agreement appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald1, between Robert, his brother William and his future sister-in-law St Clarence Brown, in relation to a block of land in Jamberoo which was equally owned by the three. The witnesses to this agreement were Robert Young and Robert Young Junior.

Robert died at Jamberoo on 24 May 1861, he was buried 26 May 1861 at Jamberoo according to the Rites of the Church of England. His nephew, Joseph Howard, was the informant on his death certificate, and a Robert Young was a witness at his funeral. Catherine died 1 June 1877 at Evans Gap.

William Howard (Abt 1813 - 1859)

From William's shipping papers, William was born 24 May 1813 at Dungannon, County Tyrone. He married Mary Brown (formerly Piggott, nee Jamison) in Ireland about 1838. William, Mary and Mary's children John Brown and St Clarence Brown arrived on 3 October 1838, on board the "Parland". William's occupation was listed as Stone Cutter, and his religion was was listed as Presbyterian.

William's wife Mary died on 7 January 1846 at Dapto. William married his step-daughter, St Clarence Brown, on 22 June 1854 in Sydney. Children of this marriage were:

  • Joseph Howard (1843-1884) married Annie Sommerville
  • Robert Thomas Jamison Howard (1856 - ?)
  • Mary Sarah Jane Howard (1858-1858) n.m

William died 5 September 1859. His widow, St Clarence, remarried Robert Cassells Oliphant. She died at Lismore on 23 March 1882

Elizabeth Howard (Abt 1814 - 1905)

From Elizabeth's shipping papers, Elizabeth was born about 1814. She married Robert Young on 7 Mar 1829 in County Tyrone Ireland.

Elizabeth died 15 August 1905 at her son, Henry's residence at 406 Cleveland Street Sydney. Her death certificate gives her father's occupation as a quarryman.

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Mary Jamison (Abt 1793 - 1846)

Mary Jamison was born about 1793 in Ireland. Her first marriage was to John Piggott. Child of this marriage was:

  • Catherine Piggott (c. 1818 - 1877) married Robert Howard

Mary next married Abel Brown. Children of this marriage were:

  • St Clarence Brown(1824-1882) married William Howard
  • John Jameson Brown(1826-1897)
  • Abelina Brown(1828-)

Mary then married William Howard in Ireland, about 1838. Soon after, the family travelled to NSW on the "Parland". Mary died at Dapto on 7 January 1846.


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