Kelly Family - The Other Kelly Gang

Henry Kelly (1810-1858)

The story of my Kelly Gang begins with Henry Kelly. Henry was born about 1810 in County Down Northern Ireland.

According to an article in the Belfast Commercial Chronicle, dated 30 November 1833, Henry was charged before the bench of Magistrates with fraudulently pawning two linen sheets and a quilt, the property of John Green of Drumnaconnor, parish of Kilmore, County Down. Henry had been a servant to John Green. A witness, Sarah Kelly, swore that she had pledged the items at the request of Henry, for four or five shillings. Sarah's relationship, if any, to Henry has not yet been determined, but she may have been Henry's mother or sister. Henry was granted bail until the trial.

Henry was tried at Downpatrick Quarter Sessions on Tuesday 1 April 1834. His trial was covered in several Irish newspapers. By the time his case went to trial, he was charged with receiving 5 pounds in bank notes, one quilt, two pairs of sheets, one shirt and two pieces of linen, knowing them to be stolen, the property of John Green. Mary Ann Green (daughter of John) gave evidence that the prisoner had lived with her father as a servant, that he had proposed marriage marriage to her, that she had afterwards become pregnant to him, and that he had advised her to elope with him and to carry with her all she could get and to take whatever money she could get. The article states that a child was born, but doesn't say when, or give any other details about the child. After all evidence had been presented, he was found guilty and was sentenced to 14 years. He had no previous convictions.

He came to Australia on the "Royal Admiral", which arrived from Ireland on 22 January 1835. The ship's indent lists Henry as Roman Catholic, and gives his occupation as Dyer & Labourer. His marital status is given as single. His height was given as 5' 8 3/4", complexion was ruddy and pock pitted, brown hair, hazel eyes, and he had scars on both hands and on his right leg.

Also on the "Royal Admiral" was Philip Cunningham, a butcher from Co Tipperary, who was sentenced to life for manslaughter. Cunningham's wife, Mary (nee Turner) came out free on the Duchess of Northumberland. Cunningham died at Carcoar in 1878. It appears that Henry and Philip developed a friendship, as Philip or his wife were witnesses at various events in the Kelly family. Phillip Cunningham is listed as a farmer at Hovel's Creek in the 1867 Post Office Directory.

Upon his arrival in Australia, Henry was assigned to Arthur Rankin, who had taken up land in the newly opened Bathurst district. Arthur Rankin was the first land grantee in the Lachlan Valley. He married Annabella Campbell in 1837, and took up residence at Glen Logan in 1838, where they built a substantial homestead.

Henry may have continued his chosen occupation, or more likely worked as a labourer, shepherd or farmer for the Rankins. What is almost certain is that Henry married (or more likely cohabited with) Annie McDougall, with whom he had a son John (born about 1839). John Kelly's death certificate gives his mother's name as Annie McDougall. Annie McDougall may have died about 1839 (possibly in childbirth), this needs to be investigated further. On Henry's application for permission to marry Margaret McLeod in 1840, he gives his marital status as widower.

Henry and Margaret made three applications for permission to marry. The first was on 17 February 1840, when an application for the Publication of Banns at St Stephen's Church Bathurst was made. On this application, Henry gives his marital status as widower, and states that he was bonded to Arthur Rankin. This was signed by both Rev Kavanaugh and Rev Smyth. Their application was supported by an agreement by Arthur Rankin that if their application was successful, he would keep them in his service until Henry obtained his Freedom or Ticket-of-Leave. There is a notation on the application that further information on Margaret McLeod is required.

Rev Smyth wrote to the Colonial Secretary on 9 March 1840, advising "I have the honor to state that she is in the service of Mr Arthur Rankin Lachlan River that she is free and of acceptable character and that to the best of my knowledge and beliefs there is nothing to hinder a marriage between her and Henry Kelly, Prisoner of the Crown per Royal Admiral, fully described in my application of the 19th ultimo.

When there was no response, Rev Smyth wrote to the Colonial Secretary again. In this letter, dated 9 June 1840, Rev Smyth, Chaplain, refers to "my communication of the 6th March last, requesting the sanction of His Excellency the Governor, to publish the Banns of marriage between Henry Kelly, Prisoner of the Crown, per ship Royal Admiral, and Margaret McCleod Emigrant."

A notation at the end of this letter, dated July 2, states that Rev Mr Smyth was requested to provide further particulars on Margaret McLeod, but no further information was given than that in the first application.

Rev Smyth wrote to the Colonial Secretary again on 16 September 1840:

"In reply to your letter of the 4th July last, referring to several communications relating to the parties named in the margin, [Margaret McCleod and Henry Kelly], and enclosing a copy of the instructions to be followed in submitting application for the publishing of Banns of Marriage of Prisoners of the Crown and requesting to be furnished with additional particulars concerning McCleod, I have the honor to state that the said woman arrived in the Colony by the ship James Moran in the year 1839 and that she is above the age of twenty one."

This application was unsuccessful, and two further applications were lodged on their behalf by Rev O'Reilly.

Henry received his Ticket-of-Leave on 3 April 1841, which allowed him to remain in the District of Carcoar. Henry and Margaret finally married on 11 June 1841. Their son, William, was christened on the same day, having been born on 25 February 1841. The Minister was Michael Kavanagh, and the witnesses to the marriage were George Hopgood and Anne Eal. The children of this marriage were:

  • William Kelly (1841 - ?);
  • Anne Kelly (1842 - 1924) married 1. Daniel Neville, 2. William Artery;
  • Margaret Kelly (1844 - 1884) married Michael Fitzpatrick;
  • Janet Kelly (1846 - 1940) married Patrick Dwyer;
  • Henry Kelly (1851 - 1908) married Mary Ann Jones;

Henry Kelly died 19 February 1858. He left an estate valued at 5,000 Pounds. Henry left a detailed will, dated 23 December 1857. He lists his children by name and gives their ages: John 18, William 17, Anne 16, Margaret 14, Jeannette 12 and Henry 7.

John Kelly (1839 - 1891)

Whilst no record of John's birth has been found, his death certificate gives his age as 52, putting his date of birth about 1839. Henry's will confirms this date of birth for John, putting his year of birth about 1839. John married Catherine Jones on 7 May 1871, at the residence of Mr John Frost, Hovells Creek. Witnesses to the wedding were Henry Kelly and Mary Ann Jones. The children of this marriage were:

  • Mary Ann Kelly (1872 - 1914) married David A Beattie;
  • Margaret Janet Kelly (1873 - 1889) never married;
  • Henry John Kelly (1875 - 1950) married Catherine Merle Williams;
  • John William Kelly (1877 - 1922) never married;
  • Elizabeth Catherine Kelly (1879 - 1932) married Arthur Frederick Thorley;
  • Sarah Jane Kelly (1881 - 1956) married Percy George Miles;
  • Clara Susannah Kelly (1883 - 1947) married Frederick George Jones;
  • George Thomas Kelly (1885 - 1959) married Margaret Buckman;
  • Florence Virginia Kelly (1887 - 1888) never married; and
  • Andrew Neil Kelly (1890 - 1959) married Esther Johnson.

John Kelly died 14 April 1891 at Cocomingla. Catherine died 16 June 1911 at Bogan Gate.

William Kelly (1841 - ?)

As mentioned previously, William was born 25 February 1841, and was baptised on 11 June 1841. Sponsors at William's baptism were William Smyth and Anne Seal.

Apart from being listed on his father's will, the only possible mentions I have found of William are in Post Office Directories. A William Kelley is listed at Back Creek Reed's Flat Co King, in the 1867 Post Office Directory. Also listed is a Margaret Kelley at Hovel's Creek Reed's Flat Co King (by this time she had married Patrick McInerney). In the 1872 Greville's Post Office Directory, there are two listings for William Kelly:

  • KELLY William farmer Hovel's Ck. Reid's Flat
  • KELLY Wm. squatter Fish River Swamp Reid's Flat (this William Kelly appears to be from another Kelly family living in the same area - Richard Kelly who was from County Meath had land in the Reid's Flat/Fish River area, as did his sons William and John. To further confuse things, both William Kellys were born in 1841. The "other" William Kelly died at Narrawa in 1890.)

There are references to a William Kelly in the Hovells Creek/Cowra district in various NSW Gazettes, I have to view these to determine if they relate to our William Kelly or another. I have not been able to find any other references to William, and have yet to confirm that the Post Office Directory mentiones is the correct William Kelly.

Anne Kelly (1842 - 1924)

Anne Kelly was born 15 July 1842 and baptised 5 June 1843. Sponsors to her Baptism were John Remington and Mary Kelly. Anne married Daniel Neville on 28 September 1860 at Carcoar. Witnesses to the wedding were John Kelly and Catherine Markham. The child of this marriage was:

  • Henry Arthur Neville (1861 - 1931) married Mary Jane Hibbard

No record has been found of Daniel Neville's death. Anne next married (though no record of the marriage has been found) William Albert Artery. The children of this marriage were:

  • Mary Ann Artery (1864 - 1933) married John Joshua Lamb;
  • Elizabeth Agnes Artery (1866 - 1953) married Daniel McPhee;
  • Ann Artery (1868 - 1902) married Donald McLean;
  • Margaret Maria Artery (1870 - 1879) never married;
  • William Albert Artery (1872 - 1917) never married;
  • Bridget Artery (1874 - 1960) married Thomas Walsh;
  • James William Artery (1876 - 1879) never married;
  • John Joseph Artery (1878 - 1904) married Ann Harriet Gunning; and
  • James Oswald Artery (1885 - 1951) married Olive Margaret Warby.

As well as rasing her own children, she also raised some of the younger children of her sister, Margaret Fitzpatrick. William Albert Artery died 1 September 1913 at Oberon, and Anne died at Oberon on 27 October 1924.

Margaret Kelly (1844 - 1884)

Margaret Kelly was born 13 January 1844, and baptised 11 February 1845. The sponsor listed on her Baptism was Patrick Coffy (sic).

Margaret married Michael Fitzpatrick on 26 July 1861 at Waugoola. Margaret and Michael had 14 children. More details about Margaret and Michael's family can be found at Fitzpatrick Family.

Margaret died 3 June 1884 at Frederick Valley, District of Orange, her cause of death was haemorrhage. Her death was registered as Margaret Anderson, the family used the alias Anderson at times. Her death certificate states that Margaret was buried at Orange. The informant was her husband, "William Anderson" of "Hobbles Creek".

Janet Kelly (1846 - 1940)

Janet Kelly was born 19 May 1846 and baptised 7 November 1846. Janet Kelly was baptised as Joanna (her age on Henry's will ties in with birth date), married as Jessie Kelly, and registered her children as Janet/Janet Mary/Mary Elizabeth. Janet married Patrick Dwyer on 15 January 1865 at Cowra. Witnesses to the wedding were Patrick Dwyer and Ellen McMerhey (sic) (this may be Ellen McInerney, Janet's step-sister). The children of this marriage were:

  • Margaret Mary Dwyer (1867 - 1883) never married;
  • Thomas Francis Dwyer (1869 - 1943) never married;
  • Johanna Dwyer (1872 - 1948) married James Hope;
  • Unnamed Dwyer (Abt 1874 - Abt 1875) never married;
  • Henry Dwyer (1876 - Bef 1940) never married;
  • James Dwyer (1877 - Bef 1940) never married;
  • William Joseph Dwyer (1880 - 1937) married Margaret Pilkington; and
  • Patrick Vincent Dwyer (1886 - 1889) never married.

Patrick Dwyer died 1 March 1917 at Cowra. Janet died 3 March 1940 at Young.

Henry Kelly (1851 - 1908)

Henry Kelly was born 3 May 1851 and baptised in the Parish of Erroll at Carcoar on 23 May 1851. Henry married Mary Ann Newham nee Jones (sister of Catherine who married John Kelly) on 29 April 1878 at the residence of Thomas Smyth at Cocomingla. Witnesses to the wedding were John J Jones and Margaret Smith. The children of this marriage were:

  • Clara Margaret Kelly (1879 - ?) married Mr Tyndall;
  • Henry Joseph Kelly (1881 - 1934) married Mary Josephine Lynch;
  • Victor John Kelly (1883 - 1952) never married;
  • Unnamed Kelly (1884 - 1884) never married;
  • Maud Grace Kelly (1886 - 1959) married James Egan;
  • Ada Rose Kelly (1888 - 1950) married Edward O'Connell;
  • Violet May Kelly (1890 - 1976) married George McCarthy;
  • Lucy Jane Kelly (1892 - ?) never married; and
  • William Herbert Kelly (1898 - ?) never married.

Henry died in Sydney on 7 August 1908, Mary Ann died in Darlinghusrt 4 September 1949. Both were buried at Rookwood Cemetery.