Fitzpatrick Family (Or is that the Anderson Family)

The first confirmed Fitpatrick in our line is Michael Fitzpatrick. This is the name he went by from at least 1861...and possibly earlier. He may actually have been born as William Anderson. More on that later.

To tell the story of Michael, I will start with what is known, and then detail the uncertain facts about his life.

Michael Fitzpatrick married Margaret Kelly (daughter of Henry Kelly and Margaret McLeod) on 26 July 1861 at Waugoola N.S.W. He and Margaret had 14 children including 3 sets of twins, between 1862 and 1883, but I have only been able to find 12 of the children. These children were:

  • James Thomas (1862 - After 1899);
  • Henry (1865 - 1949);
  • William (1868-1919);
  • Elizabeth (1870-1956);
  • Michael (1872 - After 1899);
  • Andrew (1875 - After 1899);
  • John (1875 - 1883);
  • Margaret Jeanette (1877 - After 1899);
  • Robert Alexander (1880 - 1922);
  • Louisa Ann (1880 - 1882);
  • Louisa Martha (1883 - 1887);
  • John Alfred (1883 - 1965)

From the New South Wales Police Gazette, dated 6 January 1864, it was recorded that "a warrant had been issued by the Cowra bench for the arrest of Michael Fitzpatrick, a shepherd, recently in the employ of Patrick McInherney (sic), of Hovells Creek, wherein he is charged with disobeying a summons. He is an Irishman, 50 years of age, feet 10 inches high, dark grey hair, blind of one eye. Supposed to have gone to Carcoar or Bathurst." Patrick McInerney was Michael's stepfather, as Patrick had married Margaret Kelly (nee McLeod) in 1860. Nothing more has been found about this, at this time.

Michael spent at least one short stint in the Liverpool Asylum. He was admitted on 11 January 1899 and released 23 January 1899. The admission papers provide some additional information about Michael. His children are listed and their ages are given. All of the names match those I have found, and there is one additional name that I hadn't previously found, Andrew, who was born about 1875/1876. Other information provided includes:

  • there were 3 sons and 2 daughters deceased;
  • his parents names were Andrew Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Sheehan;
  • he was 94 years old;
  • he was born in Dublin Ireland, he had been in the colony for 70 years (all in New South Wales);
  • he came out on the "Asia";
  • he was a widower;
  • he had left Rookwood Asylum about 4 months previously, and when released, he had gone to Cowra fossicking for gold;
  • he had been sent to Liverpool Asylum by the police; and
  • this was his first admission to Liverpool Asylum

The convict ship "Asia" travelled to Australia several times. On it's journey to Australia in 1825, there was a Michael Fitzpatrick on board. He had been tried in County Carlow in 1824 and sentenced to 7 years for sheep-stealing, and his occupation was listed as butcher. I have not found a Ticket of Leave for this Michael, but he was issued his Certificate of Freedom in 1831. I am still tracing this Michael, to confirm if he was our Michael, I am inclined to believe that he was. Michael Fitzpatrick who came out on the "Asia" was certainly in the Bathurst district in 1855 and 1857...he was in Bathurst Gaol.

An article appeared in several newspapers in 1904, when Michael turned 100. In this article, Michael makes some interesting claims about his early life. Amongst other things, he claims that his real name was actually William Anderson, but that he adopted the name of William Michael Fitzpatrick to shield his father's name, as his father was Captain William Anderson who had commanded one of the Highland Regiments, and had fought in the Battle of Waterloo. According to the article, Michael had fathered 3 sets of twins. I have identified all 3 sets of twins, and there are 2 other sons I have not yet identified. Please click here for the full article.

After finding this article, I started to look for Michael, under the name William Anderson. Certificates have confirmed that:

  • Louisa M Anderson who died 1882 in Coonamble was Louisa Ann Fitzpatrick born 1880;
  • John A Anderson who was born 1883 in Coonamble was John Alfred Fitzpatrick;
  • Louisa M Anderson who was born 1883 in Coonamble was Louisa Martha Fitzpatrick;
  • Margaret Anderson who died 1884 in Orange was Margaret Fitzpatrick (nee Kelly);
  • William M Fitzpatrick who died 1908 in Granville was our Michael Fitzpatrick
  • John Anderson who died in Coonamble in 1883 was John Fitzpatrick. From his death certificate, his parents were William Anderson and Margaret Kelly, he was born at Bogan Gate N.S.W and was aged 7 years and 10 months when he died on 25 January 1883. This puts his date of birth about March 1875.

In 1886, James Fitzpatrick was also using Anderson as an alias. By 1887 the three youngest Fitzpatrick children were living in Oberon with Margaret's sister (Ann Artery). John and Louisa were baptised in 1887, with Ann and William Artery listed as guardians. When Margaret Fitzpatrick died in 1884, Michael would have been about 80. He may have felt that he was incapable of looking after the children, and that could be why they ended up with the Artery family. How many of the children went to the Artery family is not known.

(William) Michael Fitzpatrick died 28 April 1908 at Rookwood Asylum. The age recorded on his death certificate was 104. Most of the information on the death certificate corresponds with details Michael provided in the newspaper article in 1904. The informant on the certificate was a clerk from Rookwood Asylum, who presumably would have provided details on Michael's admission papers.

I am continuing to trace Michael, to determine how much of what he claimed in the newspaper article is true, and if he was the Michael Fitzpatrick who arrived on the "Asia".

James Thomas Fitzpatrick (1862 - ?)

James was born 1 April 1862 at Hovells Creek N.S.W, his birth was registered as Phillip Fitzpatrick, but he was listed as James on his brother, Henry's birth certificate in 1865, and all other documentation thereafter. James was known to have used Anderson as an alias. He married Honora McNamara on 8 May 1883 at Blackall Queensland. The child from this marriage was:

  • Francis James (1884 - 1954)

He then married Camilla Morgan on 14 June 1886 at Tuena. Children of this marriage were:

  • Margaret Rachel Eliza (1887 - 1976) married David Richard Alexander Hughes;
  • Arthur (1889 - 1968) married (1) Violet Love, (2) Eveline Cox (nee Walker);
Henry Fitzpatrick (1865 - 1949)

Henry was born 19 August 1865 at Hovells Creek N.S.W. He married Catherine Broughton in Queensland, and died 7 March 1949 in Mitchell Queensland. Children of the marriage were:

  • Ethel May (1893 - 1937) married James Shelton Leaver;
  • Harriett Mary (1895 - 1987) married Francis Spreadborough;
  • Margaret Lilly (1897 - 1971) married Reginald Foott;
  • Violet Grace (1899 - 1982) married Walter Patrick Foott;
  • Elizabeth Ann (1901 - 1973) married Reuben Anderson;
  • Ivy Gladys Minnie (1906 - 1975) married Joseph Raymond Russell;
  • Henry William (1910 - 1984);
William Fitzpatrick (1868 - 1919)

William was born 1 February 1868 Lachlan River N.S.W, and died 12 November 1919 in Dunwich Queensland. He never married.

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (1870 - 1956)

Elizabeth was born 12 February 1870 at Molong N.S.W. She married (1) Thomas Elliott and (2) Alfred Engstrom. She died 17 August 1956 in Sydney. For more information on the Elliott family, please refer to Elliotts of Nottingham.

Michael Fitzpatrick (1872 - ?)

Michael was born 10 September 1872 at Grenfell N.S.W. Nothing more is known about Michael, though it would appear that he was still alive in 1899, as he is listed on his father's admission papers to Liverpool Asylum.

John Fitzpatrick (1875 - 1883)

John was born 1875. The only reference I have found about John is his death certificate as John Anderson who died 25 January 1883 at Armatree Station District of Coonamble. Information provided on the death certificate states that he was 7 years and 10 months (putting his birth about March 1875), that he was born at Bogan River, his parents were William Anderson and Margaret Kelly, that he died of sunstroke and duration of illness was 24 hours.

Andrew Fitzpatrick (1875? - ?)

The only reference I have found about Andrew is he is listed on his father's admission papers to Liverpool Asylum in 1899, aged 23. This would put his birth around 1875-1876. This could make John and Andrew the third (well really first) set of twins. Nothing further is known at this time.

Margaret Jeanette Fitzpatrick (1877 - ?)

Margaret was born 17 December 1877 in Carcoar N.S.W. She is listed on her father's admission papers to Liverpool Asylum, though the age he has listed her as is incorrect...the age listed is 14 (she would have been 21 or 22), and she is listed as being at school. Margaret is the only child who's age is wrong. It is possible Michael got confused when he listed her, and was referring to his youngest daughter, Louisa Martha...whilst the age would be roughly correct, she had died in 1887, though he may not have been aware of this as she was living with her Aunt and Uncle. Nothing more is known of Margaret.

Robert Alexander Fitzpatrick (1880 - 1922)

Robert Alexander (Alec) was born 4 October 1880 in Dubbo, the elder born of twins. He married Maude Warby in Bathurst, and died 31 October 1922 in Oberon N.S.W. Children of the marriage were:

  • Doris Sylvia (1909 - ?);
  • William (1912 - 1912);
  • Iris (1914 - 1914);
  • Lila (1915 - ?)
Louisa Ann Fitzpatrick (1880 - 1922)

Louisa was born 4 October 1880 in Dubbo, the younger born of twins. She died 15 September 1882 at Armatree Station, Coonamble. Her cause of death was teething. Her death was registered as Louisa Martha Anderson.

Louisa Martha Fitzpatrick (1883 - 1887)

Louisa was born 21 January 1883 at Armatree Station Coonamble, the older born of twins. She and her twin brother John, were baptised on the 29 May 1887 at Oberon. Ann and William Artery were listed as guardians. Louisa died 7 September 1887 at Oberon.

John Alfred Fitzpatrick (1883 - 1965)

John was born 21 January 1883 at Armatree Station Coonamble, the younger born of twins. He, and his twin sister Louisa, were baptised on the 29 May 1887 at Oberon. Ann and William Artery were listed as guardians. He married Frances Hewitt in Wellington N.S.W and died 10 January 1965 at Oberon. Children of the marriage were:

  • Joseph Allan (1908 - 1971);
  • Elizabeth May (1910 - ?);
  • John ALfred (1912 - 2010);
  • Elma Eileen (1914 - ?);