McLeod Family

The McLeod story commences with Margaret, Catherine and Neil McLeod, two sisters and a brother who left Scotland for Australia. They came on the "James Moran".

The "James Moran" was a ship of 600 tons. It left Lochinver and Loch Broom on 21 October 1838, and arrived at Port Jackson NSW on 11 February 1839. The passengers on the "James Moran" were brought to Australia under Rev John Dunmore Lang's Bounty Scheme. Most of the passengers were apparently 'Clearance' victims. More details on the "James Moran", including lists of all passengers, can be found here.

From their shipping records, all three were natives of Lochinver, a small fishing village in the district of Assynt Sutherland. Catherine, a dairymaid, was born about 1810; Margaret, a housemaid, about 1814; and Neil, a shepherd, about 1809. Their father was John McLeod, a farmer, no name was listed for their mother.

Upon arrival in Australia, Catherine was assigned to a Mr McLeod at Liverpool (I have not yet determined if this was a relation) - nothing further is known about Catherine after her arrival in Australia. She was not the Catherine McLeod who married Roderick McLeod in 1860 (though as both of them were from Assynt, they may have been related) as this Catherine was aged 24, nor was she the Catherine McLeod who died in Nowra in 1899, as her maiden name was McCrimmin.

Neil was assigned to a Mr G Ralston at Bathurst (this is probably Gavin Ralston). Nothing further is known about Neil, either, though presumably he was engaged in farming activity there, as the Bathurst district was newly opened to settlers. A Neil McLeod died in 1858 aged 43 in Sydney. Whilst the age is approximately right, his time in Australia is given as 5 years and occupation as mariner, so it is doubtful that this is the right one.

Margaret McLeod was assigned to Arthur Rankin who had property in the Bathurst district. I would imagine she had contact with her brother, at least, given that they were in the same district. Margaret married Henry Kelly on 11 June 1841 in the Bathurst district. Henry, a widow, was a convict, who had been assigned to the Arthur Rankin, upon his arrival in 1835. Margaret and Henry lodged several permissions to marry, before finally receiving permission. Henry and Margaret had 5 children, as well as rearing Henry's son from his previous marriage. For more details on the Kelly Family, please go to Kelly Family - The Other Kelly Gang.

After Henry died in 1858, Margaret was left to run the properties that she and Henry had acquired. She married Patrick McInernhey on 23 April 1860 at Cowra. Witnesses to the wedding were Patrick Dwyer and Robert Daly. Patrick was a widower, his wife Bridget Mary (nee Griffin) had died in 1854. He was born in Ireland about 1827. Patrick anf Bridget's children were:

  • Mary McInerney (1836 - ?) married Thomas Byrnes;
  • James Bernard McInerney (1838 - 1907) married (i)Elizabeth Middlemiss, (ii) Margaret Dowd;
  • Bridget Mary McInerney (1841 - 1934) married Patrick Costello;
  • Elizabeth Mary McInerney (1842 - ?) married Maurice Walshe;
  • Ellen Mary McInerney (1845 - 1910) Arthur John Hennessy; and
  • Margaret Mary McInerney (1849 - 1899) married James Grant Collitts.

Patrick McInerney is listed as living at Hovell's Creek in 1864, and his step-son-in-law, Michael Fitzpatrick, was in his employ. Patrick McInerney died 20 December 1876 at Forbes. His death certificate states he had been married three times, however only his first wife, Bridget, is listed. Details for marriages 2 and 3 are listed as "unknown". The informant on his death certificate was his son, James McInerney.

Margaret died some time after 1868. It is difficult to follow her trail, as it appears she may have reverted to using the name Kelly. She is listed as present at birth on the birth certificate of her grandson Henry Neville (son of Anne Kelly and Daniel Neville) as Mrs McEnerney in 1861. She gave consent for the marriage of her daugher, Janet (Jessie) as Margaret Inverny in 1865. A Mrs Kelly is listed as present at birth on the birth certificate of her grandson Henry Fitzpatrick (son of Margaret Kelly and Michael Fitzpatrick) in 1865. As none of the Kelly sons were married at this time, it can't be a sister-in-law of Margaret Fitzpatrick. A Margaret Kelley (sic) is listed on the 1867 NSW Post Office Directory, as a squatter at Hovel's Creek, Reed's Flat County King. A William Kelley is listed as a farmer at Back Creek, Reed's Flat County King. Whilst unconfirmed, it is possible that this is our Margaret and her son William.