Hazelwood Family

John Hazelwood is our confirmed ancestor. He was born in Aberdeen Scotland, about 1819. According to his death certificate, his father's name was Henry.

But thanks to the "power" of DNA testing, I have been able to take our Hazelwood line back a further two generations. Mum has a DNA match to a descendant of of a Richard Hazelwood, born in Aberdeen in 1824. Richard was the son of Joseph Hazelwood and Margaret Frederickson. I will tell the full DNA story in my blog.

Joseph Hazelwood (1763 - 1834)

Joseph was baptised on 12 June 1763 in St Mary,Ecclesfield Yorksire, the son of William Hazelwood (unfortunately his mother's name wasn't recorded on his baptism record).

Joseph was discharged as unfit for service from the Clan Alpine Fencibles Regiment. He had served in this regiment for 2 1/2 years. Prior to that he had served in the 29th Regiment for 5 years and the 45th (or 65th) Regiment for 3 years. His discharge certificate provides the following details:

  • Age about 37
  • Born in the Parish of Hicklesfield (sic) York
  • By trade a Nail Maker
  • 5 foot 7 inches tall
  • Fair complexion
  • Brown hair
  • Hazel eyes
  • Long visage
  • ? made

Joseph married Margaret Frederickson on the 20th October 1804 at Lerwick, Shetland. Nothing further is recorded on the register. The first child I have been able to find, is a son Thomas, who was baptised in Shetland on 11th June 1808. Witnesses were John Gunn and James Kerr. Joseph was listed as a Soldier in the 6th Royal Veterans Battalion.

Royal Veteran Battalions were British Army units that were made up of men no longer fit for front-line service. They took into service army pensioners and invalids. Generally, these battalions worked in depots and stores doing administration and support work, which enabled the more able-bodied soldiers to do the fighting.

The family had moved to Aberdeen by 1811, as their daughter Ann was baptised there. Joseph's occupation was listed as Nail Maker, and the witnesses were John McKenzie and ?. Margaret's maiden name was recorded as Jamieson. Further investigation is required, it could just be a clerical error.

Children of this marriage were:

  • Thomas Hazelwood (1808 - ?);
  • Agnes Hazelwood (Abt 1809 - 1868) never married;
  • Ann Hazelwood (1811 - ?);
  • William Hazelwood (Abt 1812 - 1897) married Ann King in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland;
  • Jane Hazelwood (Abt 1816 - 1832) never married;
  • John Hazelwood (Abt 1819 - 1832) married Mary Ann Carberry in Melbourne Victoria;
  • Richard Hazelwood (Abt 1824 - 1874) married Janet Duncan in Scoonie, Fife, Scotland; and
  • Margaret Hazelwood (Abt 1825 - 1899) married William Malcolm in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland;

Other than Thomas and Ann, there are no baptism records for any of the other children. It is possible there were additional children, who haven't been found. Marriage and/or death certificates confirm that the other children listed were the children of Joseph Hazelwood and Margaret Frederickson. There was a Joseph Hazelwood who married Janet Smith in Aberdeen in 1824. I haven't found anything more about him yet, but he may be another son. Joseph's occupation on these certificates is listed as either a Soldier or a Nail Maker.

Joseph died in April 1834, he was buried at Aberdeen on 3 April 1834. His occupation was recorded as Old Soldier.

John Hazelwood (1819 - 1891)

John was sentenced on 19 April 1836 in the Aberdeen Court of Justiciary to 14 years imprisonment for stealing money. He was sent to Aberdeen Gaol, and remained there until 27 May, when he boarded the "Prince George". The Prince George arrived at Port Phillip on 8 May 1837. His shipping indent contains the following information:

  • Age:15
  • Read/Write: R
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Single/Married/Widower: Single
  • Native Place: Aberdeen
  • Trade or Calling: Errand boy
  • Offence: Stealing money
  • Former Conviction: 30 days
  • Height: 5 foot 3 inches
  • Complexion: Ruddy and freckled
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Particular marks or scars: Semicircular scar centre of forehead, scar left eyebrow, scar under tip of right side of chin

At least seven others were tried in Aberdeen on the same day, though none appear to have been transported with John. Others tried were:

  • William Anderson: age 22, forgery, sentenced to life, arrived per "Bengal Merchant" 1837;
  • Alexander Wynnes: sentenced to life, arrived per "Bengal Merchant" 1837;
  • Charles Sheriffs: age 20, defraud/theft, arrived per "Neptune" 1837;
  • Alexander Dingwall: age 20, stealing money, sentenced 14 years, previous conviction 1 month, arrived per ""Norfolk" 1837;
  • Robert Reid: age 24, stealing wool, arrived per "Norfolk" 1837;
  • William Brown(?): age 18, housebreaking; and
  • John Melone(?): age 42, theft

The National Records of Scotland have trial papers for John Hazelwood and Alexander Dingwall, who were tried on the same day for "the crime of theft, habit and repute at King Street Aberdeen". Both were sentenced to 14 years transportation, both had a previous conviction of theft and neither could write. The victim was James Grant, Old Manse of Banchory Ternan, Kincardine. John's age is given as about 16, and his address was Shoe Lane Aberdeen.

John was granted a Ticket of Leave on 11 August 1843, allowing him to remain in the District of Melbourne. He was subsequently issued with a Certificate of Freedom on 30 September 1851. On this certificate, he is described as being 5 foot 5 and a half inches, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a dark ruddy complexion. His year of birth is listed as 1822.

John married Mary Anne Theresa Carberry on 13 November 1843. Mary Anne had arrived at Port Phillip on the "Sir Charles Forbes" in 1841. Mary Anne's place of birth was Dublin, and she was born about 1826. John and Mary Anne spent some years in Victoria, before moving to New South Wales about 1852. As he received his Certificate of Freedom in September 1851, he may have moved to New South Wales once he was free.

John and Mary Anne had 16 children. John variously worked as a carpenter, station hand, boundary rider, station manager, shepherd, laborer, and overseer.

John Hazelwood is listed on the 1869/1870 Electoral Roll. His place of residence is listed as Canally. Cannally appears to have been a property approximately 25kms south of Balranald. Several of John's children were born here. John's son, William, is also listed on the electoral roll, at the same address. Several of John's sons-in-law are also listed on this roll in the Balranald district.

John accidentally drowned near Euston on 23 December 1891. His age was given as 72.

From the Riverina Recorder 13 January 1892:

January 9.
Mr. McLeod, J.P., conducted an inquiry recently into the circumstances touching the death of John Hazelwood, who was found drowned in the Murray River. A verdict in accordance with the facts was returned. It appears that on the 23rd December Hazelwood and his wife were in Euston; and on the same day they returned to Nemnuch, about 18 miles down the river, where they were camped. On arriving at their home, deceased took two buckets and went to the river for water, his wife accompanying him. The old man went down the bank, and, when in the act of lifting a bucket containing water, he fell into the stream. The old lady ran down to the brink but could render her husband no assistance, and he disappeared. Mrs. Hazelwood called to two men who were close by, and informed them what had occurred. One of the men reported the matter to the police, who dragged and searched but could find no trace of the body. On Christmas Day, Alexander M'Ginty, homestead lessee, whilst riding along the bank of the river in search of the body, found it fast on a snag in the river about two miles from the spot where it had disappeared. The body was conveyed to the Euston Hotel, where an inquiry was held. Deceased was 70 years of age, and a resident of this district of 40 years' standing. A few weeks age he visited Balranald, and celebrated his fiftieth year of wedded life, The remains of the deceased were interred in the Euston cemetery on Boxing Day.

In an eerie coincidence, Mary Anne drowned in a separate accident at Balranald on 8 October 1893. Her age was given as 70. One of John and Mary Anne's daughters, Mary, drowned at Euston 16 September 1883. Mary Anne's obituary states that one of her nephews had also drowned.

William Hazelwood (1842 - 1894)

William was born on 28 November 1842 in Collingwood Victoria. He died on 17 January 1894 in Murray Downs Victoria, and was buried on 18 January 1894 at Swan Hill Victoria. His cause of death was Bright's Disease. One of the witnesses listed on his death certificate was a Joseph Milstead (sic). This may have been Joshua Millstead, who was a brother of John Henry Millstead. John Henry was William's brother-in-law.

There is a listing for a W Hazelwood at Yuranigh Street in Balranald in 1891, however the house is listed as uninhabited.

William was listed as the sole beneficiary on his mother's will. At the time that the will was written, William was living at Conoley Station in Queensland. The estate was sworn at 85 pounds, and probate granted to the executors 15 March 1894 (After William's death). I have not found what happened to the proceeds of the estate.

Joanna Hazelwood (1844 - 1873)

Joanna was born 9 October 1844 in Melbourne Victoria. She married Thomas Willett. Children of this marriage were:

  • Joanna Willett (1862 - 1899) married John Cruell 1883 in Balranald, New South Wales;
  • John Willett (1864 - 1864);
  • Thomas Willett (1866 - 1902);
  • Mary Jane Willett (1867 - 1943) married William Henry Mercer 1885 in Echuca Victoria;
  • Alice Desdemona Willett (1871 - 1958) married Edward Henry Colley 1893 n Marrickville New South Wales; and
  • Alfred William Willett (1873 - 1955) married Clara Thompson 1898 in Marrickville New South Wales

Joanna died in childbirth on 15 January 1873 in Balranald N.S.W.

John Hazelwood (1846 - ?)

John was born 30 August 1846 in Melbourne, and was baptised on 3 March 1847. I have not found details of John's death, but it would have been prior to 1866, as John and Mary Ann had another son John born in 1866.

Jane Hazelwood (1848 - 1926)

Jane was born on 9 June 1848 in Melbourne, and was baptised on 7 January 1849. Jane married Henry Collins on 20 November 1869 at Balranald Children of this marriage were:

  • William Grimwade Collins (1869 - 1951) married Emmy Louise Marshall;
  • Ellen Christine Collins (1871 - 1967) married Lawrence Henry Hardy;
  • Henry Collins (1874 - ?) possibly died after his father but before 1876, when his half-brother Henry McNamara Brennan was born; and
  • Alfred Collins (1875 - ?) he appears to have been born after his father died (documentation in relation to Henry Brennan refers to "Alf Collins" as a half-brother, however in the report of his Aunt Mary's drowning in 1883, he is referred to as Alfred Brennan);

Henry Collins died 18 September 1875 at Swan Hill Victoria. Jane next married Richard Brennan in Balranald in 1875. Children of this marriage were:

  • Henry McNamara Brennan (1876 - ?);
  • Galbraith (Galbyra) Brennan (1878 - 1959) married Mary O'Brien;
  • Richard Brennan (1881 - 1883);
  • Henry McNamara Brennan (1882 - 1968) married Edith Norton;
  • Sidney Brennan (Abt 1884 - 1884);
  • Richard Sidney Brennan married Elizabeth O'Brien; and
  • James E Brennan (1888 - ?);

Richard Brennan died in Wentworth in 1901.

Jane Brennan is listed on the 1891 Census and 1901 Census at Wentworth. On both listings, it states that there were three males and one female. She was living in Cobar on the 1913 electoral roll.

Jane Brennan died in Renmark, South Australia, on 29th April 1926. She is listed as being a widow, her husband's name was Richard, and she was born about 1847.

Elizabeth Hazelwood (1850 - 1851)

Elizabeth was born on 5 January 1850 in Melbourne, and was baptised there on 13 April 1851. She died on 24 April 1851 in Melbourne, and was buried on 25 April 1851.

Ellen Hazelwood (1851 - 1928)

Ellen was born on 25 June 1851 in Melbourne and was baptised there on 24 August 1851. She married Thomas Croft on 3 August 1867 at Balranald. Children of this marriage were:

  • Thomas Albert Croft (1868 - ?);
  • Henry James Croft (1870 - 1951) married Thirza Stanmore; and
  • Elizabeth Croft (1872 - 1945) married i. William Collis, ii. George Burrell;

Thomas Croft died 19 March 1871 at Balranald. Ellen next married Robert William Hudson on 24 March 1872 at Balranald. Children of this marriage were:

  • William John Hudson (1874 - 1909); and
  • Robert Edward Hudson (1875 - 1939) married Chloe Muffett;

Robert Hudson died 13 January 1877 at Balranald. Ellen next married Thomas Hugh Fraser. Children of this marriage were:

  • Mary Ellen Fraser (1879 - 1953) married Alfred James Ashcroft;
  • Margaret May Fraser (1881 - 1953) married Cecil Ernest Lacy;
  • Hugh Charles Fraser (1883 - 1884);
  • John Percy Fraser (1884 - ?);
  • Alexander Eldred Fraser (1887 - ?) married Ethel Schade;
  • Agnes Alice Jane Fraser (1892 - 1958) married Richard Lewis Maddy;
  • Eveline Lillian Fraser (1894 - 1952) married Albert Ernest Richards; and
  • Rose Fraser (1896 - 1896)

Ellen died on 8 May 1928 in Mildura, Victoria. She was buried on 9 May 1928 at Mildura Cemetery.

Richard Hazelwood (1852 - 1935)

Richard was born 5 December 1852. According to his baptism certificate gives his parents residence was Thropea (sic) Lower Darling District New South Wales. He was baptised on 28 October 1855 on the same day as his sister, Emily, by Rev Edward Synge. In the 1850s, the Riverina district was part of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney under the Bishop of Sydney. According to reports, Rev Synge visited the Lower Murrumbidgee region in October/November 18551, which ties in with the baptism registration.

Richard was a witness to his youngest sister's burial at Canally Station (near Balranald) in 1870. He is most likely the Richard Hazelwood who was employed at Saltern Creek Queensland in 18882. Between 1909 and 1919, Richard appeared on Queensland electoral rolls. By 1930, he was on the electoral roll in Menindee NSW.

He died on 24 January 1935 at the Broken Hill Hospital, and was buried at the Church of England Cemetery Broken Hill on 25 January 1935. His funeral notice3 states that he was late of Menindee. According to his obituary4, Richard was born at Balranald, for the greater part of his life he was employed as a cook and drover, he was single, and he had spent 40 years on one station near Charleville in Queensland.

Emily Hazelwood (1854 - ?)

Emily Hazelwood was born on 29 October 1854. As with Richard, her baptism certificate gives her parents residence was Thropea (sic) Lower Darling District New South Wales. She was baptised on 28 October 1855 on the same day as her brother, Richard. Emily is recorded as deceased in 1858 on the birth certificate of her sister, Mary.

Alice Jane Hazelwood (1856 - 1935)

Alice Jane Hazelwood was born 6th October 1856, her birth was registered in Balranald New South Wales. Alice married John Henry Millstead on 13th May 1871 at Balranald. Children of this marriage were:

  • John Henry Millstead (1882 - 1883);
  • Rosia Millstead (1883 - 1885);
  • John Henry Millstead (1886 - 1966) married Elsie Maude Inglis;
  • Thomas Henry Millstead (1888 - 1975) married Linda Grace Inglis;
  • Edith Millstead (1890 - 1891);
  • Alfred Millstead (1892 - 1969) married 1) Ada Beatrice Noland, 2) Theresa Bridget Sheehan; and
  • Agnes Millstead (1895 - 1968) married George Richards - For more details on George Richards, please click here;

Alice died 3 July 1935 at Coonamble. Her husband, John, died at Forbes on 9 September 1929.

Mary Ann Hazelwood (1858 - 1860)

Mary Ann Hazelwood was born in Balranald in 1858, and died at Canally Station Balranald 20 March 1860 aged 1 year and 9 months. Her cause of death was listed at decline, and length of illness was listed as 9 months.

Sarah Hazelwood (1860 - 1937)

Sarah Hazelwood was born about 1860. To date, no record of her birth has been found. She married John Charlton in Balranald on 11 March 1877. Children of this marriage were:

  • John Charlton (1878 - 1950) married Marcella Bailey;
  • Peter Hector Charlton (1879 - 1891);
  • Albert Henry Charlton (1881 - 1963);
  • Jessie Charlton (1882 - 1970) married Peter Birrell Todd;
  • William J Charlton (1884 - 1907);
  • James Godfrey Charlton (1886 - 1969);
  • Annie Charlton (1888 - 1944) married George Jonas Lamb Hinchcliffe;
  • Christina May Charlton (1890 - 1979) married Albert Alfred Lyons;
  • Alfred Andrew Charlton (1892 - 1970) married Hilda Case; and
  • Ellen J Charlton (1902 - ?)

Sarah died at her daughter Annie's house in Goulburn on 15 July 1937. Her husband, John, had died in 1926.

Agnes Hazelwood (1861 - 1925)

Agnes Hazelwood was born on 6 April 1861 at Balranald. She married James Clancey in Balranald on 10 July 1876. Children of this marriage were:

  • Charles James Clancey (1877 - 1879);
  • Susan Clancey (1878 - 1960) married William Pattel;
  • Edward James Clancey (1879 - ?);
  • Selina Clancey (1880 - 1950) married William Wilks;
  • Elizabeth Annie Clancey (1882 - 1969) married William Herbert Staunton;
  • Agnes Maud Clancey (1889 - 1963) married Richard Beaumont Rowe;
  • Helen CLancey (1891 - ?);

Agnes died 29 June 1925 in Brisbane Queensland. Her husband, James, had died in Queensland in 1929.

Mary Hazelwood (1864 - 1883)

Mary Hazelwood was born 4 December 1864 at Mooloomon Station (District of Moulamein). She died on 16 September 1883, when she was drowned in a boating accident. The accident was reported in many newspapers at the time including this report in the Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser4.

Some reports state that the ladies dresses became heavy from the water and that they were weighed down. Alfred Brennan (also known as Alfred Collins) was Mary's nephew, the son of her sister Jane. I have not been able to determine to whom Mary was engaged.

In a sad twist, Alfred's brother Richard (aged about 2) died less than a week later when he wandered away from the family property. Articles reveal he was missing for several days, it being believed he had wandered into the mallee. I have not found any reports of him being being found. His death was registered on 21 September 1883.

John Henry Hazelwood (1866 - 1924)

John Henry Hazelwood was born 15 October 1866 in Balranald. John was one of the survivors in the boating accident in 1883 that drowned his sister. He gave evidence at the inquest into the drowning of his mother in 1893. It is difficult to follow John as there was another John (Patrick)Hazelwood living in the Hay/Balranald district at the same time. Whilst he does not appear to be related, he married Lucy Ann Croft in Hay in 1922, Lucy was the grand-daughter of Ellen Hazelwood.

John Henry Hazelwood died 14 October 1924 in Goulburn.

Jessie Amelia Hazelwood (1868 - 1951)

Jessie Amelia Hazelwood was born 18 October 1868 at Canally Station near Balranald. She married Joseph William Travis in Euston on 14 May 1885. Children of this marriage were:

  • Mary Ann Theresa Travis (1886 - 1933) married Robert J Files;
  • Joseph William Travis (1887 - 1912);
  • Maude Ellen Travis (1890 - 1943 ) married William Coasful Brown;
  • Albert Travis (1891 - 1891);
  • Elsie G Travis (1894 - ?) James H Nicholls;
  • Ella Vera E Travis (1903 - 1932) married Lloyd Hicks;
  • Raymond Arthur Travis (1905 - 1945) married Elizabeth Jane Huddleston;
  • Leslie J Travis (1911 - 1911);

Jessie died 27 November 1951 in Menindee. Her husband, Joseph, had died in Menindee 20 November 1931.

Unnamed Hazelwood (1870 - 1870)

A daughter was born to John and Mary Ann on 13 May 1870 at Canally Station near Balranald, but she only lived for 4 hours. She was buried at Canally Station on 14 May 1870. Witnesses to the burial were Richard Hazelwood and Mrs Willett.


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