Millstead Family - From Cornwall to Australia via New Zealand

Our Millstead family came to Australia from Cornwall, via New Zealand. It is most likely that the Millsteads originated in Kent.

There are many variations of the spelling of Millstead: Millsteed, Millsted, Milstead, Milsteed and Milsted are the most common. For ease throughout this page, I use Millstead. This was used by my Gt Grandmother, Agnes Millstead.

John Millstead (Abt 1735 - 1792)

John Millstead was born about 1735, but his place and date of birth are still to be found. It is possible that he was from County Kent. John was the first Millstead in Cornwall.

The first record of John that I have been able to locate is his marriage Elizabeth Mansfield on 31 March 1769 at the Abbey of St Peter & Paul in Bath Somerset. Two children were born to this marriage, one of whom died in infancy.

After Elizabeth died in 1775, John remarried Margaret Rogers (nee Scadden) on 11 May 1779 in Helston Cornwall. Margaret was the daughter of William Scadden and Frances Barwick. John and Margaret had five children. At the time of this marriage, John was listed as an inn-keeper.

As well as two marriages, John had two relationships that produced offspring. A John Milsteed was baptised in 1772 in Wendron Cornwall, parents are listed as John and Sarah. It is possible that the mother's name may have been incorrectly listed, and that this is a child of his marriage to Elizabeth. If the child were illegitimate, he would have been baptised under his mother's name only, and would have been listed as illegitimate. John Milstead Dunn was baptised on 29 November 1791, the illegitimate son of Johannah Dun. What became of Johannah Dun is unknown. It is assumed that John was raised by John and Margaret Millstead, as he used the name Millstead as an adult. It is from this John that our line descends.

John's children were as follows:

(i) John Millstead and Elizabeth Mansfield (married 31 March 1769 Bath Somerset England):

  • Sarah Millstead (1771 - 1842) married John Provis
  • Mary Anne Millstead (1774 - 1775) n.m

(ii) John Millstead and Sarah:

  • John Millstead (1772 - ?)

(iii) John Millstead and Margaret Rogers (nee Scadden) (married 11 May 1779 Helston Cornwall):

  • Elizabeth Millstead (1780 - 1852) married Henry Julian
  • Mary Anne Millstead (1782 - 1846) married Ephraim Risden
  • William Millstead (1784 - 1853) n.m On the 1841 Census, William is listed as a saddler, and his sisters, Elizabeth Julian and Mary Risden, as well as Mary's children, were living with him.
  • Robert Barwick Millstead (1787 - 1790) n.m
  • Robert Millstead (1791 - 1852) married Catherine Rutter

(iv) John Millstead and Johannah Dun:

  • John Millstead (1791 - 1871) married Elizabeth Grubb

John Millstead died on 3 January 1792 at Helston Cornwall, and was buried there on 6 January 1792. It is noted on his burial registration that mother-in-law and son-in-law both died January 3 almost at the same minute. This notation is also recorded on his mother-in-law, Frances Scadden's burial register.

John Millstead (1791 - 1871)

John Millstead was baptised as John Milstead Dun on 29 November 1791 in Helston, Cornwall.

John married Mary Cornish in 1814. Mary died 31 March 1815. John then married Elizabeth Grubb on 24 September 1815 in Sithney Cornwall.

John was recorded on Josiah's and Edmond's baptsim certificates as being a wheelwright, and on Elizabeth's baptsim certificate and the 1841 Census as being a carpenter, and is listed as living at "Lower Green" in Helston. Also living at Lower Green were many Beaglehole families, as well as William George, whose grand-daughter Susanna married Josiah Millstead. John died in Helston on 12 March 1871, and was buried there on 16 March 1871.

Elizabeth Grubb was christened in Sithney on 24 June 1792. She was the daughter of Catharine Grubb. She died 25 December 1888 at Helston.

John's children were as follows:

(i) John Millstead and Mary Cornish (married 23 March 1814 Sithney Cornwall):

  • John Millstead (Abt 1815 - 1816) n.m

(ii) John Millstead and Elizabeth Grubb (married 24 September 1815 Sithney Cornwall):

  • John Millstead (? - 1878) married (i) Elizabeth Roberts, (ii) Eliza Jane Hocking
  • Josiah (Joseph) Millstead (1820 - 1883) married Susanna Beaglehole
  • Edmund (Edward) Millstead (1823 - 1891) Jane Tressider Beaglehole
  • Elizabeth Millstead (1826 - 1861) married Richard Bryant
  • Mary Ann Millstead (1829 - 1832) n.m
  • William Henry Millstead (1832 - 1832) n.m
  • Mary Ann Sarah Millstead (Abt 1836 - 1913) married Francis Rowe
  • William Henry Millstead (1838 - 1840) n.m

John Millstead born in Cornwall. To date, I have not been able to find a record of his birth or baptism. Based on English Census records, he was born somewhere between 1821 and 1826, however based on American records, he was born about between 1816 and 1818. I have not been able to find him in the 1841 Census. He is listed in the 1851 Census as living at Cowan, and his occupation was a sawyer. He appears in the 1861 Census in Breage as a carpenter in a tin mine. On the 1870 United States Census, he is also listed as a carpenter. John first married Elizabeth Roberts on 16 April 1843 at Cambourne Cornwall, with whom he had two children, both of whom died as children. After her death, he married Eliza Jane Hocking, with whom he had eight children. The family moved to America in 1868, and settled in Racine Wisconsin. John died there 12 March 1878, and Eliza died there 26 March 1893.

Edmund Millstead was born on 31 July 1823 in Cornwall. He was listed on the 1841 Census as Edward, and his occupation given as a Mason. He married Jane Tressider Beaglehole on 14 December 1847 in Helston Cornwall. They arrived in South Australia on 14 June 1848 on the "Princess Royal". This branch of the Millstead family appears to have stayed in South Australia, and made their mark there, as there is a park named after one of the family. Edmund and Jane had 11 children. Edmund died in Adelaide on 26 February 1891, and Jane died there on 8 June 1913.

Elizabeth Millstead was born 25 May 1826 in Helston. She married Richard Bryant on 14 July 1849 at Helston. They immigrated to Victoria about 1853. Elizabeth and Richard had seven children, though only two survived to adulthood. Elizabeth died in Cavendish on 8 July 1861 in childbirth, as did her twins.

Mary Ann Sarah Millstead was born about 1836 in Helston. She married Francis Adam Thomas Rowe, a lawyer, they had five children. They remained in Cornwall, Mary died in Helston in 1913, and Francis died there in 1915.

Josiah Millstead (1820 - 1881)

Josiah Millstead was born 2 October 1820 in Helston, and was baptised there on 22 October 1820. On 13 Jamuary 1837, Josiah was tried at the Helston Borough Sessions for larceny. He was sentenced to 3 momths and was also whipped. He was tried again on 23 October 1838, charged with house breaking. On this occasion, he was found not guilty. He was listed on the 1841 Census as Joseph Millstead, and his occupation given as a labourer.

Josiah married Susannah Beaglehole on 10 March 1842 at Helston Cornwall. Susanna was the daughter of Henry Beaglehole and Mary George.

Josiah and Susannah arrived in New Zealand on the "Blenheim" on 17 November 1842. Also on the ship were Susannah's uncle, Edmund George and his wife and children. Josiah received several mentions in the Surgeon's journal of the voyage. On one occasion, the Surgeon threatened him with a pail of salt water if he did not get out of bed. For extracts from the Surgeon's Journal on the voyage of the "Blenheim", go to:

Josiah and Susanna's first three children were born in New Zealand. Josiah, Susanna and family left New Zealand and came to Australia, on the "Terror" which arrived at Port Jackson in October 1846. By 1850, they were living in South Australia, and were living in Victoria by 1854. They subsequently lived in New South Wales

Josiah died 4 November 1883 in Deniliquin N.S.W after falling from a horse. Susanna died in Deniliquin 6 September 1903.

Josiah and Susanna's children were:

  • Susanna Millstead (1843 New Zealand - 1923 Broken Hill N.S.W) married (i) Henry Reid, (ii) George Warby Everett
  • John Henry Millstead (1846 New Zealand - 1883 Deniliquin N.S.W) married Alice Jane Hazelwood
  • Mary Elizabeth Millstead (1846 New Zealand - 1920 Bealiba Vic) married (i) Nathaniel Wilson (ii) Edward Benson
  • Sarah Ann Millstead (1850 South Australia - 1925 Deniliquin N.S.W) married Edward Hoskins
  • Josiah Millstead (? - ?) n.m
  • Jane Millstead (1852 Burra S.A - 1836 Inglewood Vic) married (i) John Smith, (ii) Samuel Doncaster
  • Josiah Millstead (1852 Burra S.A - 1852 Burra S.A) n.m
  • Josiah Millstead (Abt 1854 Talbot Vic - 1925 Tocumwal N.S.W) married Elizabeth Vickery
  • William Edward Millstead (1856 Ballarat Vic - 1934 Tumbarumba N.S.W) n.m
  • Frances George Millstead (1859 Amphitheatre Vic - 1949 Inglewood Vic) married (i) Edwin Martyn, (ii) Herbert Jones
  • Richard Millstead (1862 Dunolly Vic - 1942 Liverpool N.S.W) married Flora Mcrea
  • Edmund Thomas Millstead (1866 - ?) A Thomas Millstead died in 1896, his death was registered at Corowa. Orders to collect were granted to to the Curator of Intestate Estates in March 1897 included the estate of Thomas Millstead late of Savernake.