Ships we came out on

This is a list of the ships my ancestors came out on. Links on ships names will take you to more information on that ship (normally a passenger list).

Name Ship Arrival Native Place Place of Arrival Other family members on board
Catharine Malone "Sugar Cane" 1793 Ireland Port Jackson Convict
James Byrne "Anne" 1801 Rathdrum, County Wicklow Port Jackson Convict
John Worthington "Fortune" 1806 Eccles Lancaster Port Jackson Convict
Sarah Franklin "Minstrel" 1812 County Clare Port Jackson Convict
Michael Fitzpatrick "Asia" 1825 County Carlow Port Jackson Convict
Henry Kelly "Royal Admiral" 1834 County Down Port Jackson Convict
Robert Young "Sarah" 1835 Annyginny County Tyrone Hobart Elizabeth(wife), Margaret & Sarah Young (children).
Robert Young "Waterloo" 1836 Annyginny County Tyrone Port Jackson Elizabeth(wife), Margaret, Sarah and Robert Young (children).
John Hazelwood "Prince George" 1836 Aberdeen Scotland Port Phillip Convict
Margaret McLeod "James Moran" 1839 Assynt, Sutherland, Scotland Port Jackson Catherine & Neil McLeod (sister & brother)
Thomas Mooney "Hero of Malown" 1839 Tuam, County Galway Port Jackson Bridget (wife), John, Patrick & Mary Mooney (children), Bridget Corlis, Bridget Costello
Edward Elliott "Eden" 1840 Nottingham Port Jackson Convict
John Bailey "Royal Consent" 1840 Donagh, County Monaghan Port Jackson Eleanor Bailey (nee McGill wife)
Charles Corlis "Susan" 1841 Tuam, County Galway Port Jackson Margaret (wife), Margaret, John, Michael & William Corlis (children), Margaret Mooney (niece of Margaret Corlis)
Edward Cunningham "Livingstone" 1841 Batterstown County Meath Port Jackson Catherine Cunningham (wife)
Mary Ann Carberry "Sir Charles Forbes" 1841 Dublin Ireland Port Phillip No
William Gordon "Wilson" 1842 Belfast, Ireland Port Jackson Jane (wife), Alexander & Jane Gordon (children), Jane Macnimee & Ann Quinn
Josiah Millstead "Blenheim" 1842 Helston Cornwall New Zealand Susannah Millstead (wife).
Edmond George "Blenheim" 1842 Helston Cornwall New Zealand Elizabeth (wife), Cecelia, William Henry, Elizabeth and Edmond (children).
Edmund Millstead "Princess Royal" 1848 Helston Cornwall Port Adelaide Jane Tressider Millstead (nee Beaglehole) (wife)
Richard George "Walter Morrice" 1849 Helston Cornwall Port Jackson Harriett (wife), Henry, Richard, Mary Jane, John, Harriett, William, Jane & Mary Ann George (children).
Elizabeth Beaglehole (nee Tressider) "Prince Regent" 1849 Helston Cornwall Port Adelaide John & William Beaglehole (children)
Mary Salmon "Tippoo Saib" 1850 Dublin Ireland Port Jackson No
Margaret Beaglehole (Nee Watters formerly Williams) "Sultana" 1851 Helston Cornwall Port Adelaide Joseph & Sampson Beaglehole and Thomas & John Williams (children), William, Mary & Absolom Beaglehole (stepchildren) and Joseph Sweet Watters (nephew)
Henry Beaglehole "Panama" 1854 Helston Cornwall Port Phillip Margaret Beaglehole (wife) and family, son John was born on voyage
James McGill "Bermondsey" 1855 County Tyrone Port Jackson Jane McGill (wife)
Patrick Mooney "Vocalist" 1856 Tuam, County Galway Port Jackson John Mooney (brother)
Patrick Mooney "Mary Ann" 1857 Tuam, County Galway Port Jackson Mary (wife), Thomas & Mary (son & dtr-in-law), John, Patrick & Thomas Mooney & Mary Ford (grandchildren)
John Mooney "Mary Ann" 1857 Tuam, County Galway Port Jackson Patrick, Bridget, Catherine & Thomas Mooney (children)
Francis Mannell "Tartar" 1857 Mylor Cornwall Port Jackson No
Catherine Hession (nee Mooney) "Tudor" 1860 Tuam, County Galway Port Jackson Thomas and John Hession (children)
Sarah Jane Tierney "?" 1877 Donaghpatrick, County Galway Port Jackson No