Beaglehole Family

The name Beaglehole is derived from the ancient Cornish bugal hal, which means herdsman (or shepherd) on the moors. As with so many other ancient Cornish names, this took on English forms, which can explain the number and variety of derivatives - Beaglehole, Beagleholl, Beaglehall, Bagelhole, Buglehol, just to mention a few.

The first record of the Beaglehole family which I have been able to locate is the marriage of Petrus (Peter) Beaglehole and Agneta (Agnes) Mill (Hill) on 8 October 1598 in Wendron Cornwall England. (Source IGI Batch number A456404). This may be the same Peter Bagelhole who was baptised at Hartland Devon in 1574. The Parish of Hartland in Devon is on the northern boundary of Cornwall, so even if they are not the same person, it may well be that our Beagleholes originated in Devon.

Petrus and Agnes' children were:

  • Jane Beaglehole (? - 1608) n.m
  • Maria Beaglehole (1600 - ?) married Robertus (Robert) Moone
  • William Beaglehole (1602 - ?) married Christiana Udye
  • Joan Beaglehole (1606 - ?)
  • Henry Beaglehole (1610 - ?)
  • Catherina (Catherine) Beaglehole (1618 - 1633) n.m.

The Beaglehole family stayed in the same area of Cornwall for over 200 years, mainly in the mining towns and villages. Of the families I have traced, most appear to be descended from William and Christiana Beaglehole, who married in Helston on 22 January 1629.

William and Christiana's children were:

  • Phillipa Beaglehole (1630 - ?)
  • Phillip Beaglehole (1631 - ?)
  • Maria Beaglehole (1632 - ?)
  • Anna Beaglehole (1634 - ?)
  • Christiana Beaglehole (1636 - ?)
  • Willimus (William) Beaglehole (1640 - ?) married Margaret Hanken. This is the branch I am descended from.
  • Thomas Beaglehole (1646 - ?) married Mary Sandry
  • Grace Beaglehole (1653 - ?)

One of William's daughters died in 1639, she was buried at Helston on 2 May 1639, sadly her Christian name was not listed on the burial register.

Details on this page will be limited to families who came to Australia. For more details on Beaglehole lineage, please have a look at Descendants of Petrus Beaglehole..

Henry Beaglehole (1783 - 1832)

Henry Beaglehole was baptised in Sithney on 23 March 1783, the son of Henry Beaglehole and Ann Pascoe. He married Mary Elizabeth George on 5 January 1810 at Breage.

Mary George was baptised on 26 December 1790, the daughter of William George and Elizabeth Uren. William and Elizabeth had ten children, Mary's younger brother, Edmund and his family, travelled with Josiah and Susanna Millstead (nee Beaglehole) to New Zealand. William was a butcher, who lived to the grand age of 94, no mean feat in the 19th century.

Henry and Mary's children were:

  • Anne Beaglehole (1810 - 1814) n.m
  • Elizabeth Beaglehole (1812 - 1865) married John Pryor
  • Anne Beaglehole (1814 - ?) married Mark Kemp
  • Mary Beaglehole (1815 - ?)
  • Henry Beaglehole (1818 - 1818) n.m.
  • Susanna Beaglehole (1819 - 1903) married Josiah Millstead
  • Henry Beaglehole (1820 - 1903) married Margaret Prisk
  • William Beaglehole (1823 - 1903)
  • Sarah Beaglehole (1824 - 1857) married Charles Cattran
  • Celia Beaglehole (1825 - 1825) n.m.
  • Celia Beaglehole (1826 - 1827) n.m.
  • John Beaglehole (1828 - 1828) n.m.
  • Jane Beaglehole (1830 - 1830) n.m.
  • John Beaglehole (1831 - 1831) n.m.

Of Henry and Mary's children, Susanna and Henry left Cornwall. The others all appear to have remained in England.

Susanna and Josiah Millstead arrived in New Zealand on the "Blenheim" on 17 November 1842. Also on the ship were Susanna's Uncle, Edmond George and Edmund's wife Elizabeth, and their children, Cecelia, William Henry, Elizabeth and Edmund. Whilst it is not known what became of the George family, Susanna and Josiah stayed in New Zealand for several years, before moving on to Australia. Susannah appears to have been one of the first of the Beaglehole family to leave Cornwall. For more details aboout Susanna and Josiah Millstead, please have a look at the Millstead Family Story.

Henry, together with his wife Margaret, and children Henry, Richard, Elizabeth and John, arrived in Victoria on the "Panama" in 1854. John Beaglehole was born on the voyage out from Cornwall. Henry and his family settled in Portland Victoria, where their children Samuel and Margaret were born.

Other branches of the Beaglehole family also made their way to Australia. Here are some of their stories.

John Beaglehole (1798 - 1849)

John Beaglehole was baptised on 2 December 1798 at Helston, the eldest son of Henry Beaglehole and Margaret Thomas. John married Jane Rickard on 29 July 1826 at St Austell, After Jane's death in April 1841, he married Margaret Williams (nee Watters) on 20 April 1842.

John and Jane's children were:

  • William Henry (1826 - 1827) n.m.
  • John (1828 - 1828) n.m.
  • John (1829 - ?)
  • Jane (1831 - 1841)n.m.
  • William Henry Beaglehole (1833 - 1911) married Mary Jane Robertson
  • Absolom (1836 - 1911) married Jane Williamson
  • Mary (1837 - ?) married William Henry Snell

John and Margaret's children were:

  • Joseph Watters (1844 - 1913) married Thirza Hunn
  • Sampson Watters (1848 - 1895) married Elizabeth Jane Merrifield

John died 6 July 1849 in Cornwall. After his death, his widow Margaret migrated to South Australia, arriving on the "Sultana" on 8 August 1851. With her were her two children, two children from her previous marriage, Thomas and John Williams, three of her step-children (William Henry, Mary and Absolom), and her nephew Joseph Sweet Watters (listed on the passenger list as Job Beaglehole, he married Mary Ann Merrifield, the sister of Elizabeth Jane Merrifield).

William Henry Beaglehole (1800 - 1833)

William Beaglehole was baptised on 14 December 1800, the son of Henry Beaglehole and Margaret Thomas. William married Elizabeth Tressider on 23 July 1823 at Helston. William died on 1 December 1833 from cholera. His son Henry died on the same day, and his other son William died two days later, both from cholera. His son William Henry was born posthumously.

William and Elizabeth's children were:

Jane Beaglehole married Edmund Millstead on 14 December 1847 at Helston. They arrived in Port Adelaide on the "Princess Royal" on 14 June 1848. They settled in Adelaide, and had 11 children. Jane died in Adeliade on 8 June 1913, and Edmund died there 26 February 1891.

Elizabeth Beagelhole, together with her two surviving sons, arrived in Port Adelaide on the "Prince Regent" on 20 July 1849. Both sons married there, and had children. Elizabeth died in South Australia on 8 June 1874.